Revitalize Your Skin with… Olive Oil??


If you're looking for some extra moisture but find that your skin is way too sensitive for the average chemically infused serum, try out the nature-powered Dr. Hunacell Revital Serum. Hunacell develops its cosmetics while considering that both customers and family will be using their products; this is what inspires them to find that healthy balance between natural ingredients and the latest in cosmetic research technology.


This noble pursuit to create great natural products has helped Dr. Hunacell win the cosmetics category of the 2018 Customer Satisfaction Brand Award in South Korea. And they have brought that same customer-first mindset when creating the Dr. Hunacell Revital Serum, which uses the natural moisturizing factors of vegetable squalane—a natural extract from olive oil—to deliver nutrients directly to the skin and help you achieve brighter, healthier skin, from the inside out.