Train For The Pros, Like The Pros


Take your training to the next level with V ART’s ARTARM Grip. Designed by a professional arm wrestler who also happens to be a sculptor, this arm-wrestling and pull-up training tool eclipses the traditional grip design by mimicking the intricate curves of the human hand. As a result, the ARTARM Grip helps prevent common injuries such as hyperextension of the thumb joint and flatform injuries resulting from impeding the use of the palmar muscles.

Tried and tested by professional arm wrestlers around the world, this product’s unique design maximizes the use of the forearms muscles and assists in strengthening the shoulder girdle.

The best part? The ARTARM is easily detachable and can be used on all your favorite weight training equipment from dumbbells, barbells, and stirrup handles to any bar based training equipment.

Give these grips a go, decrease your chances of an injury, and up your gains.