Prep For Campus Life With Netflix K-drama "So Not Worth It"


The most diverse K-drama of the year (if not ever) made its Netflix debut on June 18th, 2021 and it’s called “So Not Worth It.” This Korean sitcom is helmed by Kwon Ik-Joon of Three Guys And Three Girls and Nonstop fame, and veteran producer Kim Jung-Sik. It takes place at an international college dormitory in Seoul, South Korea, and features students from multicultural backgrounds adapting to the hurdles of love and friendship associated with campus life.

Se-Wan (Park Se-Wan) works as a teaching assistant and resident advisor tasked with managing the international dorm. Newcomer Jamie (Shin Hyun-Seung) is a mysterious student from the U.S. harboring a secret.  GOT7’s main vocalist gets to show off his acting chops as Sam (Choi Youngjae), the son of a Ttokbooki restaurant chain chairman. (G)I-DLE’s Minnie joins the crew playing the role of a K-drama-loving Thai girl of the same name. Model-turned-actor Han Hyun-Min, actress Carson Allen, and Terris Brown round out the rest of the cast.

With most school dorms opening back up this fall, there’s no better time than now to prep for campus life. Make your return to college so worth it with these on-campus-friendly items. 

iStyle Notebook A5 Binder & Notepad

istyle grey binder and notepad

Start by carrying around your notes in style with iStyle’s A5 Notebook Binder and Notepad. It comes with a built-in pen holder, a notepad, and enough pockets to hold all the small items you might need to take to class or on the go. The binder has a classic, modern grey exterior with gold accents for a look that’s always in fashion.

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Hanjang - Eco-friendly 100% Soluble Detergent Sheet

Hanjang detergent sheet

Most of us start campus life using the detergent we use back home but dragging multiple bottles back and forth from the laundry room just isn’t it. Ship those bottles back home and go for a single-use sheet detergent like Hanjang’s Detergent Sheet. There’s no need to worry about the environmental impact, on top of being easy to carry,  they are 100% eco-friendly.

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BLUEFEEL - Mini Portable Fan

BlueFeel Mini Portable Fan

This ultralight mini portable fan makes a great source of cool air in your dorm room and on the go, especially on those hot, sunny days. They’re rechargeable, easy to carry in a bag or purse, and can stand on their own so you never have to worry about heating up.

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Zero Percent - Hand Sanitizer

Zero Percent - Hand Sanitizer

With everyone starting to go back to their usual routines, it doesn’t hurt to keep your hands sanitized and stay protected from unwanted germs. If you’re looking for a hand sanitizer that’s both moisturizing and comes in a colorfully cute container, then this refillable sanitizing spray from Zero Percent is the right one for you.

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