No Time For Oily Skin: Get Clean Skin In 10 Seconds


Picture this: You’re heading out for a lunch or dinner date when you decide to look in the mirror, and your skin is shining; not in a cute, dewy way. This time it’s that midday oily-looking skin that just feels dirty and gross. What do you do? Bust out that Ten Ten Powder from Insur. B to get your skin looking fresh and clean - in just 10 seconds.

There’s really no going wrong with it as Tweed K - the makers of the Insur. B brand - have been making their way to the forefront of the all-natural beauty scene for the last 26 years. They have made a name for themselves for having skincare filled with ingredients that are both good for your body and healthy for your skin. 

Their Ten Ten Powder is no exception with natural ingredients like centella, rose, and berry extracts. It also includes an extra special patented ingredient named Osmpour developed straight at a global cosmetics lab in France. It builds a thin, shield-like layer on the skin that acts as a barrier from dust, smoke, harmful gases, and heavy metals. This, along with its other natural ingredients make the Ten Ten Powder not only a must-have for those of us with oily skin but great for sebum control and protecting the skin from UV rays and pollutants.

You don’t have to just take our word for it. Even one of our favorite skincare vloggers is a fan - we’re talking about the amazing Joan Kim from the YouTube channel JoanDay. She raves about the convenience of this easy-to-carry powder because she can reapply throughout the day to remove any excess oil and protect her skin from pollution (e.g., 1:30).

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