No More Measuring! Just Toss In A Detergent Sheet


Ever stare at your laundry machine and wonder, “how much laundry detergent do I actually need”? There’s already a convenient solution for this time-wasting contemplation; it's called “Hanjang-Eu-Ro,” which translates to “with just one sheet.” This handy solution is made by UPL, a company that specializes in making laundry detergents that are effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. Their Hanjang detergent sheets make washing clothes easier. All you need to do is just toss a sheet in with your wash and get your laundry started. 

These eco-friendly sheets use a highly concentrated detergent that directly targets dust particles and stains. Each detergent sheet completely dissolves during the wash cycle, leaving your clothes fresh, clean, and velvety soft. Now, there's no need to lug around measuring cups, heavy liquid detergents, and fabric softener containers - one sheet is all you need.