Mushroom Extracts Bring Your Skin To Life


Achieving healthy, beautiful skin is all about restoring the natural harmony and balance within it. Luckily, nature has provided us with some breakthrough ingredients to bring our skin back to life. One ingredient known for its superior antioxidant effect and skin permeability is Sanghwang mushroom extract. This mushroom is the first in the world to be certified for use as medicine in Korea, and its special extract revives dry, tired skin - revitalizing skin from the inside out. As of now, Soosul is the only company featuring Sanghwang mushroom as the main ingredient of their skincare products - leading the way for innovation in herbal skincare.

Soosul’s Basic Care Set makes it easy to get started on your own anti-aging and anti-oxidizing skincare routine. The set includes toner, emulsion, essence, moisturizer, eye cream, and a foam cleanser. Each product combines Sanghwang mushroom extract with nourishing herbal ingredients that help make skin soft, supple, and acne-free while protecting it against harmful environmental pollutants and extreme weather conditions. As a complete skincare set, it hits all the bases, making it the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one.