Megan Bowen Will Get You Fit At Home [Class 101 Pt. 3]


The following is a special collaboration between Kmall24 and Class 101, Korea’s largest online learning community with classes across multiple categories and languages. 

Join the “Home Training” Sensation

In the wake of a global pandemic, millions of people have found themselves staying at home. And with more and more people seeking ways to improve their health and fitness, we’ve decided to collaborate with Class 101 to highlight the courses that will help you shape up and get fit at home.

Class 101: Get Fit At Home

This pilates course we’ll be introducing you to today hasn’t been released yet, but it’s one of the most highly anticipated fitness courses coming to Class 101 this year.

Coming Soon: Get Healthy and Fit From Home with Megan Bowen

Megan Bowen is a wildly popular, funny, and entertaining American Youtuber living in Korea. She was previously featured in our "Must Have K-Items Showcase," and is best known for her vlogs, where she unpacks her life’s adventures as a multicultural YouTuber doing her best to fit into Korea.

Megan's perspective gained a lot of interest since foreigners only make up 3% of the population in Korea. Many of the 1 million+ followers across her channels have also marveled at her total body transformation. This transformation has inspired her to compete in Korean fitness and bodybuilding competitions.  

Class 101 is going to launch this fitness course with Megan soon, so sign up, and you'll be notified as soon as it’s available. Plus, you’ll receive an extra special $25 discount.

Learn More About Megan's Class

Fun K-Culture Trivia: Did you know Korea's first-generation supermodel, Lee So-ra, is considered the godmother of Korea’s home exercise sensation? In the late ‘90s, her workout videos were a megahit, and her fitness clips can still be found circulating the internet. 

Lee So-ra in a news interview reflecting on her 90’s home fitness VHS video. 

Image Source (MBN News) 

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