K Glow Up


Are you ready for a K Glow Up? Today we will show you how to level up your beauty game with 10 must have Korean cosmetics. These 10 K-beauty products will have you bringing out your beauty and serving looks like a true K-pop star. So don’t waste any more time and take a look at what we have to show you!

What is a K Glow Up?

According to the Urban Dictionary, a “glow up” represents a physical transformation for the better. It can happen naturally or intentionally and can affect one's self-image temporarily or permanently.
In most cases, glow ups happen with the help of beauty products to accentuate natural beauty. For example, we use skincare products to nurture and safeguard the health of our skin and makeup products to highlight the best features of our face.
A “K Glow Up” represents that same idea but with the usage of Korean beauty products and accessories.

Why Korean Cosmetics?

Ever since the worldwide takeover of K-Pop, Korean cosmetics have been in the spotlight. Not because of the cute packaging, but due to their affordability and effect. Many Korean cosmetics serve as dupes for more high-end brands and with thousands of positive reviews online, the demand only continues to grow.
But hey, don't take our word for it. Check out our unboxing video to discover some of these promising items and see why big cosmetics review platforms such as Allure are providing the seal of approval for many of these Korean brands!

01. Dr. Pelo "Scalp Sheet"

With the summer heat kicking in while still adhering to social distancing, there isn’t a need to consistently wash your hair every day. However, you can still give your hair some loving and nourishment with the help of Dr. Pelo’s scalp sheet.
Deeply saturated with natural ingredients such as green tea leaves, rosemary leaf oil, and acorus calamus root extract, this scalp sheet mask will help relieve dryness and itchiness while leaving you with a calm and soothing scalp.
Also intended to aid in hair loss, this product is perfect to slip into an overnight bag or just to have next to your desk to give your scalp a quick cleanse, whether it's because you're running late for work, struggling with excessive shedding, or just in the middle of your favorite K-drama. The Dr. Pelo scalp sheet is a great item to add to your hair care game.


02. Wish Formula "Day Day 365 Ampoule Pad"

This all-in-one ampoule pad stays true to the Wish Formula brand and is a great product that brings you professional results. Packed with vitamin C, olive leaf extract, and peppermint leaf ferment filtrate, this ampoule pad will gently remove unwanted debris and sebum while giving your skin a bright and radiant glow. With 28 pads inside, the Day Day 365 ampoule pad will provide your skin with the extra boost it needs to shine leaving you with more moisturized and radiant skin.


3. Wish Formula "Night Night 365 Ampoule Pad"

Similar to its Day Day 365 Ampoule counterpart, this product is specifically made for night time use. This seawater sleeping pad is conveniently made to provide you with deep soothing hydration and nourishment after a long day from work or out in the sun. Ths deep recovery pad is the perfect treat to revive your skin! Patented with ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, macadamia seed oil, collagen, and aloe vera extra, this triple layer pad will recover your skin to look and feel good as new.


04. Meditamin "Snow Cell"

Meditamin is a Korean cosmetics brand that not only offers beauty and skin care products but healthy dietary supplements as well. We often forget to care for ourselves on the inside and that is where the Snow Cell supplements come into the picture. Although you might be already using the right products externally, sometimes how we manage and sustain what we intake into our body can drastically make a difference.
These supplements aid in bringing out your natural glow from within. If you are struggling with dull and tired skin, these supplements will help brighten and revive your skin's condition by supporting your body's skin cell regeneration. With high contents of Glutathione (2,000 mg daily), collagen and fermented rice bran (1,000 mg daily), this is a great way to give your skin the extra care it needs without having to apply more products.


05. Rivecowe "Rose Water Peeling Gel"

Are you worried that your skin is still feeling dull and lackluster? That even after cleansing you still feel like you haven't removed all the sebum or makeup off completely? Well, try adding a light peeling gel to your routine!
Adding this peeling gel to your skincare regime only once or twice a week will help remove dead skin cells and replenish your skin at the same time. Consisting of rose water, cherry extract, lavender extract, and chamomile extract, this gel can also soothe inflammation. While gently exfoliating the skin, the Rivecowe Rose Water Peeling Gel will take out all that can damage the skin and put back the moisture your skin deserves.


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