Inspire Me Korea


In a time when people are required to stay at home and avoid traveling, Inspire Me Korea provides the opportunity for people to travel, experience, and learn about South Korea without having to leave the house.

Explore South Korea from Home

Inspire Me Korea aims to inspire others to learn about South Korea via specially curated Korean subscription boxes that are fun, informative, and educational. 

In 2016, Diana and Alice — the sister-duo behind Inspire Me Korea — created a K-culture subscription box so people from all around the world could experience the beautiful and unique culture and trends of Korea; from language, history, and travel to beauty, lifestyle, food, and K-Pop, Inspire Me Korea dives into it all. Receive a 10% discount on your first subscription box order using the discount code ‘KMALL24’ at checkout!

Each month, thousands of ‘Inspire Mes’ worldwide subscribe to the boxes and eagerly anticipate their unique Korean experience. Through their boxes, Inspire Me Korea wishes to spread joy and inspiration to every corner of the globe.

Within the Inspire Me Korea boxes, the experience offers the opportunity to explore the many aspects of Korean culture through exclusive products such as Secret Travel Guides to South Korea, Seoul, and Busan, Korean Calligraphy Books, Cookbooks, beautiful Photo Books, and Planners. The Inspire Me Korea Monthly Magazine that is included in the K-Culture Subscription Box highlights the beauty of South Korea from various perspectives. The magazine shares with subscribers local guides to the hotspots, trendy neighborhoods, and little-known places in Korea, to interviews with unique Korean creatives or Korean-inspired lifestyle tips to incorporate into everyday life; including fashion trends, healthy recipes, and Korean wellness philosophies.

For Korean language learners, the box makes a great supplement to motivate subscribers to continue to be enthusiastic about learning the language and also providing a rich cultural experience to enhance learning. The monthly magazine includes ‘Word Bingo’ pages and the boxes include handy Korean Vocabulary Flashcards too.

Recommended For:

  • People who want to cultivate a deeper understanding and appreciation of Korean culture that goes beyond entertainment.
  • People who want to study Korean with fun, informative, and casual learning styles.
  • People who want to experience and explore South Korea like a local without having to leave the house. 

Receive a 10% discount on your first subscription box order using the discount code ‘KMALL24’ at checkout! Visit Inspire Me Korea today and be inspired!