How To Survive Until Your Next Haircut


The pandemic's “new normal” has forced us to cut down on a lot of normal, everyday activities - including haircuts. Many of us are unfamiliar with longer hair and are having a hard time trying to style mop-tops and shaggy doos. But no worries—For Beaut's Spear Wax, an all-in-one styling solution, will turn you into your own professional stylist. 

This multifunctional grooming tool makes it easy for you to pull off a wide range of hairstyles. Start off by gently combing your hair using the versatile, spear-like magic comb, which simultaneously applies styling wax while giving you the hairstyle you're looking to achieve. Then, for a salon-style finish, clean up your hairstyle using the sub-spear to get the sides nice and neat or even add some extra pomp to that pompadour. Best of all, since you don't need to dip your fingers into the wax, your hands stay clean and free from any stickiness.  

The Spear Wax Sets come in three different types, the Movement Wax for a slightly softer hold and medium shine, Pomade Wax for a stronghold and medium shine, and the Freeze Wax stronghold and silky sheen.