Show Your Scalp You Care


If you care about your hair, then don’t forget to give your scalp some love, too. The Ha'Sol Anagen scalp shampoo is perfectly formulated to revitalize the scalp and help reduce hair loss. And it’s all thanks to Ecomine—the Scalp Hair Technology Research Institute behind the Ha'Sol brand—which specializes in developing natural hair care solutions that prevent damage to the hair and scalp caused by stress, environmental contaminants, unhealthy diets, perms, and hair dyes.

Their invigorating shampoo reduces hair loss by supporting the active anagen growth phase—the hair cycle where hair grows—as it's a critical moment where providing the best possible conditions helps increase hair density and reduce hair loss.  Its combination of vitamins and plant-based amino acids exfoliate, clear up sebum residue, and give your scalp the moisture it needs for your hair to stay happy, healthy, and growing strong.