Get Your Own “True Beauty” Makeup Transformation


Everyone has been falling in love with “True Beauty,” a webtoon about a girl who is constantly being teased by classmates and even family for being ugly. That is until she learns about the magic of makeup and figures out how to turn herself from an ugly duckling into a goddess-level beauty. 

The webtoon was written by Nayoung Kim, known under her pen name Ya Ong Ee. She was initially criticized for making the lead character too pretty and setting unrealistic beauty standards. But after pictures of her were revealed to the public, people realized she looked exactly like the girl she was drawing, which led to a boost in popularity for the series.

With the webtoon already established domestically and having a growing international fanbase, the recently released K-drama had fans eagerly awaiting the live-action adaptation. And while everyone is falling in love with the drama, even more people are falling for the post-transformation makeup look of the lead role, played by up-and-coming actress Moon GaYoung. So, we’ve decided to put together everything you’ll need to get that “True Beauty” K-drama inspired look.

As always, foundation comes first. For this step, we recommend using your favorite liquid foundation if you have one already, but if you don’t we’d go with the Laneige Water Glow Gel Foundation. It’s lightweight, goes on smooth, and has a nice light scent.


Up next we see Ju-Kyung—the lead character—putting on a roasted brown cream liner. We recommend the brown Idol Brush from Aritaum. It may not be cream-based, but its brush-style tip makes application a whole lot easier.


Next up, it’s important to make sure the brows are on point. Ju-Kyung goes for a dark brown eyebrow pencil. For this step we would go with Etude House’s Drawing Eyebrow Proof Gel Pencil in dark brown. It’s long-lasting and perfect for getting a more natural look.


We can never forget the contour. For this step she chooses a soft brown color for a more natural looking contour. Our recommendation is the Innisfree 2020 Green Holiday Glam Mood Palette. It has the exact soft brown we’re looking for but this palette is a Holiday special so you’ll need to jump on it soon. If you miss the chance to grab the Innisfree Palette, a great alternative is the Mamonde Flower Pop Eye Palette.


For the final touch, lip-tint! Complete your “True Beauty” look with the Celefit Chiffon Fit Lip Tint in Pink High or even Dry Rose if you’re looking for a more winter-inspired look. This lip-tint is a great match for the tint lacquer she uses in the drama, and it also doubles as a lip balm, helping your lips stay moisturized throughout the day.


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