Get Rid Of Dry, Dead Skin Fast


If your body is in need of a deep exfoliating level of clean, then this is the body bar that will definitely do the trick. The Ddae Bbea Bar soap is made by BadSkin, a beauty brand that focuses primarily on studying and resolving issues that lead to bad skin. This “bad skin” includes everything from dry, rough, or scaly skin that can clog pores and cause acne. The removal of bad skin is common practice in Korean bathhouses, a place which can be seen in K-dramas like, Boys Over Flowers and 21 Again. Also, in a very popular skit from comedian Conan O’Brien, he joined popular Walking Dead actor Steven Yeun in a bathhouse and received his very first body scrub. 

BadSkin’s goal is to make products that erase bad skin using "natural prescription raw material technology," to take your skin from bad to healthy. Their soap bar’s name, Ddae Bbae Bar, translates to “remove dead skin / dirt,” but is also used as an expression that carries the meaning of, “when you remove your dead skin, you will be left feeling fresh, silky, and smooth.” And just like the name implies, this bar soap helps remove seasonal dead, dry skin and waste from pores, improves rough skin, and leaves your skin feeling silky smooth.

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