Carry Your Phone In Style


We're making the “case” for this must-have accessory, introducing the “Kori” by Alice Martha, a cell phone carrying case that brings you both style and practicality. Forget mini bags and drop the dead weights known as overstuffed totes. These cute bags are all about a modern, minimal design that makes life easy, breezy, lemon squeezy.

The Kori is all about functionality, perfect for those who want to pack light. Its slim, sleek, and long-strapped structure is designed to hold your most essential possession: your phone! These days, that is really all you need, along with your keys, a couple of cards, and maybe some lip balm or gloss, of course— all of which fit perfectly into this signature Korean designer bag. Its lightweight and lengthy strap allows it to be worn around the neck, over-the-shoulder, or across the body. With five different colors to choose from, convenient pockets, and a zipper compartment, you stay looking stylish while your items remain safe and secure.