Dave's Product Picks for Pet Lovers

Dave is one of the most famous American Youtube influencers in Korea, and he's known to be an avid pet lover. He's got quite the animal house as the proud owner of three cats and one dog. Check out Dave's reviews of these great pet buys for Kmall24's "Must-have K-items Showcase," a unique project where top influencers share their opinions and product reviews.

Youngin Bio - Dr. Pat Pat

Dr. Pat Pat Nutritional Pet Sticks

Dr. Pat Pat produces high-quality nutritional supplements for cats and dogs that will nourish and satisfy your furry little companions. And when we say quality, we mean human-grade. Simply squeeze Dr. Pat Pat nutrition stick paste over any meal, with multiple flavors to choose from, your pet and vet will be thanking you for it. Packed with probiotics, peptides, and collagen in a fast absorption formula, your pet will experience positive nutrition benefits within just six weeks! These nutritional supplement sticks are also ideal for pets who have just gone under surgery. Dr. Pat Pat offers fish, salmon, and tuna flavors for cats and for dogs, horse, and duck meat that sure to make them drool for more. Each container contains 30 nutritional sticks that are conveniently wrapped and easy to open, so you'll be able to boost your pet's nutrition every day of the month. Get your pet's meals on health and wellness today.


BowWow - Pet Healthy Snack

Get your pup barking “Bow-WOW” with treats that are not just tasty but also healthy. With your pet’s happiness in mind, BowWow has crafted kibble and snacks of natural, organic ingredients that your dog will love. These treats taste great and have been specially created to be palatable and chewy. They make them a fun, easy eat for your furry friends of any age.

ORIGI-7 - Real meat, real meal

Your pet’s daily meals must be nutrition-packed and full of good stuff to keep them as happy as a dog can be. That’s where ORIGI-7 comes in with its real beef and free-run chicken that are USDA and Korea organic certified and 7 Free. That means no chemical preservatives, GMOs, growth hormones, artificial coloring, artificial flavoring, MSG, or meat powder. Unlike average pet snacks, these air-dried kibbles with real meat and balanced organic ingredients have been shown to aid in digestion rate and be palatable for pups and older dogs alike. If your four-legged friend doesn’t drink often, this kibble will also get him the moisture he needs. Bonus for the humans: these chewy nuggets limit the amount of sound your dog makes so that chow time can also be a quiet time.

Bow Bakery Croissant - It’s snack time!

The Bow Bakery Croissant’s perfect twist and tender texture is a delicious, soft treat for your pup. Oven-baked and sealed multiple times to keep it sanitary and safe for your furry friend, this treat will have them salivating the second you pop it in the microwave. Just 3 to 5 seconds will fill your kitchen with the delicious aroma of fresh bread.