The Crispy, Shredded, Beef Jerky Of The Sea


Bite into this deliciously crispy, shredded snack made with winter-mountain dried Alaskan pollock. This treat is the ultimate finger food to snack on alone or share with a friend. It's packed with rich protein, vitamins, and minerals to deliver maximum flavor without the fat. For those seeking a guilt-free munchie while watching their calorie intake, Deli-Hwang is deliciously savory and goes great with dipping sauces like ranch, mayo, or spicy mayo, and more. 

People are often curious about the smell, and surprisingly, its fish aroma and flavor are so faint that it satisfies a diverse range of palates, tastes, and preferences - like the fish version of beef jerky. The pollock is caught in Alaska and then taken to Korea’s eastern mountains to be freeze-dried using long-practiced techniques that allow for optimal nutrition and flavor preservation. 

If you're on the lookout for something new to chew on that goes beyond the flavor profile of your local snack aisle - why not start with this timeless Korean snack? Available now in four distinct flavors, including original, butter, spicy, and coconut.