Create The Perfect Skin Restoration Story


CRE8SKIN is all about natural freshness and beauty. They know the true power that comes from nature, and they use that knowledge to help our skin recover from the stress and environmental factors of our everyday lives. Their products incorporate ingredients straight from mother nature herself to help us create skin that’s healthier and restores our complexion to its naturally beautiful state. 

Their flagship product? The 2016 Hi Seoul Outstanding Product Brand award-winning, moisturizing Salmon Oil Cream. It was even featured in the popular k-drama “Cinderella and the Four Knights.” This win and its popularity came with good reason, as Salmon is a top 10 superfood containing large amounts of omega-3 - which already has proven benefits for both our body and skin. It fights off acne and reduces the appearance of dark circles while also enhancing the softness and flexibility of your skin. The combination of salmon and kelp extract takes your moisture game to the next level, calling those dead skin cells back into action and forming a transparent barrier that creates smoother and healthier skin.