Cook More And Clean Less With This All-In-One Pan


There's nothing standard about the IH FLEX Pan developed by renowned Korean cookware brand HappyCall. Unlike traditional pots and pans, this multipurpose, all-in-one frying-pan, wok, and pot is ideal for grilling steak, stir-frying noodles, or boiling up delicious soups, stews, and chili – the possibilities are endless. This, along with its affordable low price, is why HappyCall has become a go-to item for every Korean kitchen.

Its uniquely designed dual spouts make cooking a breeze - you will no longer need to scramble for a strainer to drain or pour out liquids. Furthermore, the best-in-class non-stick coating helps you cook using only a small amount of oil, without having to worry about stubborn stains. The high quality, non-toxic materials used to coat the pan also allow for faster cooking - thanks to the pan’s high thermal conductivity, which makes it perfect for both gas and electric stoves. With the speed, precision, and easy-to-clean surface of the IH FlLEX pan, you’ll be earning your home chef black belt in no time. 

Want to see this all-in-one pan, pot, and wok combo in action? Check out this fun cooking demo of Jjapaguri (as featured in the blockbuster film “Parasite”)!