Bring The Nail Salon To Your Bedroom


Let’s face it: these days, many of us are stuck at home, trying to keep ourselves and our families healthy. This has forced a lot of us to skip our old nail shop routine and do our best with what we have at home. But, there’s no need to settle for just basic nail polish when we can get that professionally styled nail look right in our own home. That’s where ME:MUSE comes in.

When they first sought out to create nail tips, ME:MUSE wanted them to look as natural as real nails. They managed to achieve and surpass that by creating their own patented air flex technology. This makes ME:MUSE nail tips look professionally done while still feeling light and flexible.

The ME:MUSE nail tips are also non-toxic and eco-friendly. They are made from TPU—the same material used to make baby bottles and can be reused by removing the adhesive, disinfecting the tips in boiling water, then replacing the adhesive.

So, what are you waiting for? Let out your inner nail expert and get that professionally vivid nail look you deserve.