Bless Your Hair and Skin In The Shower With Better Water


A lot of people don’t realize that not all water is equal. You use water every day to wash your hair and keep your skin clean, and if you think about it, it’s often the very first step of your skincare routine. However, the water you’re getting from the tap may not be as beneficial for you as you might think. It’s filled with chemicals like chlorine to treat polluted water, rust from aged pipes, and other scary unseen impurities. Getting better water can be as simple as replacing your regular old shower head with a showerhead that includes a built-in filter - like the Poseion Triple Care Showerhead and Shower Filter.

Poseion combines the name of the Greek water god Posidon with the molecular ion, which is known for its ability to change the properties of water. Poseion is passionate about creating beautifully designed products that provide health benefits by enhancing water quality. The Triple Care Showerhead and Filter combo alone helps with water purification, which removes rust and chlorine from water, softens water, and increases water pressure (reducing up to 50% of water usage). These changes can lead to improvements to your skin (dry skin, athlete’s foot, clogged pores, atopy), hair (dandruff, itching, dull hair), and the reduction of unwanted water-related odors.