Bite Into A Soft Handmade Choco Pie


There is something about the rich, creamy taste of chocolate that’s irresistible. To take that taste a step further, handmade choco pies integrate a perfect harmony of delectable flavors: a lightly sweet chocolate cake covered in a delicate chocolate coating, a smoothly tart buttercream and strawberry jam spread, and bits of crushed walnuts for a crunchy richness. Every bite of these Poongnyun Bakery’s Choco Pies is a seduction of the senses. That’s why these addictively delicious choco pies have become a staple snack for those visiting Jeonju’s famous Hanok (Korean traditional house) village.

It was 1969 when Poongnyun Bakery opened its first small bakery in the Jeolla-do region of South Korea. Initially, they sought to upgrade the bakery experience by blending together traditional and modern baking techniques with the combined efforts of confectionary baking masters and craftsmen. The results were a choco pie flavor formula which has continued to bring them success, not only in the Jeolla-do region but in all of South Korea. 

Despite fierce competition from franchise shops backed by large companies, Poongnyun’s was able to hang on and come out strong thanks to their quality ingredients and memorable flavors. Now people come from all around the world to enjoy a bite of this soft chocolatey treat.

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  1. Poongnyun Bakery - Handmade Choco Pie (3type x3 / 100g*9ea)
    Poongnyun Bakery - Handmade Choco Pie (3type x3 / 100g*9ea)
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