Best K-pop Group Comebacks Of 2021 (So Far) And What's Up Next


It might be hard to believe, but we’re almost halfway through 2021, and there’s already been a lot of lit K-pop comebacks and fire bops along the way. Just in case you’ve missed out on some of the latest hits, we have put together a list of the best K-pop group comebacks of 2021 (so far) and are giving you a quick look at what is coming up next.

ATEEZ - Zero: Fever Pt. 2 (March 1st, 2021)

Zero: Fever Pt.2 is one of Ateez’s best comebacks to date, but you don’t have to take our word for it - they managed to receive over 350,000 pre-orders of the album, that’s more than 100,000 more albums sold than their previous release, Zero: Fever Part 1. Their latest album continues Ateez’s foray into a mix of hip hop, EDM, and synth-pop sounds with their lead single, “Fireworks (I’m The One).”

Ateez Zero Fever Pt. 2

Super Junior - The Renaissance (March 16th, 2021)

With not one, two, but THREE delays, Super Junior fans couldn’t wait for the chance to pick up their latest album, “The Renaissance.” Their album sold over 300,000 copies to date, and their comeback music video for the single “House Party” received over 21 million views on YouTube. It has that Super Junior staple brass-kissed funk-pop sound they have become known for, so if you’re a Super Junior fan, you will love this, too.

Super Junior The Renaissance

Treasure - The First Step: Treasure Effect (January 12th, 2021)

One of the two rookie groups that made our list of 2020 rookies to watch out for this year, Treasure sold over 235,000 copies of their debut studio album, “The First Step: Treasure Effect.” The music video for their single “My Treasure” garnered 29 million views to date and has a young and fresh style hip-hop concept.

The First Step: Treasure Effect


Itzy - Guess Who (April 30th, 2021)

JYP Entertainment’s girl-crush group Itzy made their comeback at the end of April with their newest album, “Guess Who,” which has sold over 200,130 copies in its first week alone.  While their newest song “Mafia. In the morning” has received mixed reactions for its edgier trap sound, its music video has already received 68 million views and has been growing in popularity at a quick pace.

Itzy Guess Who

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NU’EST - Romanticize (April 19th, 2021)

NU’EST’s album “Romanticize” sold 191,831 copies on the Hantao Chart during the first week of release, making it their 2nd bestselling album of all time. Their music video for single “Inside Out” performed respectfully well, with almost 11 million views so far this year. Now that their label Pledis Entertainment has joined the HYBE label (formally Big Hit), their fans are looking forward to what else is in store for the group this year.


(G) I-DLE - I Burn (January 11th, 2021)

(G) I-DLE has been on a roll with successful releases, and their latest album, “I Burn” continues the trend. The album sold 115,538 copies in its first week, making it their bestselling album, so far; surpassing “I Trust,” which sold 112,075 copies in the same time frame. Their single “Hwa” from the album has an EDM sound that borrows aspects of house music and combines it with reggaeton - known as Moombahton. The song itself has been a massive success, with their music video reaching almost 72 million views. 

(G) I-DLE I Burn

Cravity - HIDEOUT: Be Our Voice (January 19th, 2021)

Cravity is the second group on our comeback list that made it on our list of rookies to watch out for earlier this year. They sold 162,136 copies for their “Hideout: Be Our Voice” album and reached 17 million views for their music video for single “My Turn.” Not too bad for a rookie group. We are excited to see what’s next from them.

Hideout: Be Our Voice


Golden Child - Yes (January 25th, 2021)

Golden Child has managed to record their personal highest album sales in their career with their album “Yes,” selling a total of 113,966 copies as of March 31st, 2021. Their single “Burn It” takes on a reggaetón sound, with rhythmic repetitions and melodic sounds.  If you're a fan of the darker-sounding, Latin-infused side of K-pop music, you should check out their latest music video.

Golden Child Yes

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NCT Dream - Hot Sauce (May 10th, 2021)

NCT Dream has finally returned with their new album “Hot Sauce” on May 10th. This is their first studio album since their debut four years ago. It features the original seven members of the group and will consist of ten tracks. As of May 3rd, the album has already surpassed over 1.7 million pre-orders, making it a guaranteed success even before its release.

Hot Sauce


Coming up next:

Rocket Punch - Ring Ring (May 17th)

Rocket Punch is putting out their first single album (an album containing 2 - 4 songs) titled, “Ring Ring” on May 17th. Not much information has been released about the single, but the music video’s concept teaser has a retro-synth, post-disco 80s sound, and we can’t wait to hear the full song.

BTS - Butter (May 21st, 2021)

Butter will be the follow-up English single to BTS’s Dynamite, which debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2020. While the Butter teasers don’t give much away, the members described the song as being “a dance-pop track brimming with the smooth charismatic charms of BTS.” We’re expecting another big hit and more chart-topping success for the group with their new song.

TXT - The Chaos Chapter: Freeze (May 31st)

Tomorrow x Together (TXT) will be releasing their second studio album “The Chaos Chapter: Freeze,” on May 31st. This is another upcoming release that’s still shrouded in mystery, but the group is expected to explore a new avenue of sound, and deeply explore their musicality, and we’re sure they won’t disappoint. 

Preorder The Chaos Chapter: Freeze

Preorder The Chaos Chapter: Freeze