Are You Ready To Test Your Luck?


Lucky Boxes are all about having fun and getting the best bang for your buck. A Lucky Box is basically a mystery package that includes random, yet hand-picked goods. How can that be, you ask? Well, once we choose a specific theme for a Lucky Box, our experts hand-pick the top items that fit the bill. Then, for each Box, we randomly choose a few items from this pool to create a unique experience for each customer. The best part is that the combined value of the products you receive will always be higher than the price you pay, which means you always come out a winner. The Lucky Box page lets you check out the list of products that could potentially come in each Box, but waiting to find out which random products you actually end up with adds some fun to the mix. 

The popularity of Lucky Boxes derives from Moonbangu youth culture in Korea. Moonbangu is the Korean word for stationery stores, and from the early 1980s until the early 2000s, it was one of the go-to spots for elementary students. As these stores were generally located near elementary schools, kids would often head there to hang out, buy boxes with random toys inside, then compare and trade them with their friends. This was later extended to other platforms, as those who had grown up during the height of the Moonbangu experience enjoyed the nostalgia associated with receiving a fun assortment of products they might have never tried otherwise.

That’s the same experience the Kmall24 insiders want to bring to everyone around the world. Together, we gather some of the best products for each theme. Whether it be holiday boxes containing holiday-themed products, cosmetics boxes with makeup and skincare, music boxes with albums and other fan-friendly merch, snack boxes with delicious Korean snacks, or an assortment of other high-quality products. Since the products you receive are meant to be random, returns aren’t an option. We want to bring you fun new experiences you can share with your friends - all at prices $5 to $40 less than their original value.