Aquacool Warm-up Gel: Break Your Fitness Limits


There’s always room for growth when it comes to fitness, but when your muscles are sore, the pain can be impossible to ignore. Our bodies are naturally wired to think about pain in order to help us prevent injuries. Although that discomfort can be a sign that it’s time to slow down, oftentimes as long as proper form and appropriate exertion are followed, it could just be a sign of muscle breaking down to come back stronger. However, when a topical analgesic like Aquacool’s Red Heat Therapy Gel is applied to a pained area, a warm sensation is sent over to the brain instead.

Aquacool has been helping athletes break their fitness limits for years by providing a quick muscle warm-up for intensive pain relief and recovery. It even works well for those with eczema or sensitive skin, since it avoids using the petroleum and mineral oils commonly found in other pain relief creams. The Aquacool Heat Therapy Gel is super absorbent and pain relief can last anywhere from one to two hours. Aquacool doesn’t stop at pain relief and recovery, its heating effect is praised by athletes for improving flexibility and range of motion, while decreasing exercise fatigue.