An App To Check If Your Best Pet Friend Is Healthy?


We all love our fur friends, and their health is always of the utmost importance to us. But unfortunately, when they put on a sad face, we can’t always tell whether they’re just feeling down or if there’s something wrong with their health. That’s why the makers of Urivet created their smart urine analysis system,  an innovative technology designed to bring happiness to both you and your best pet companion.

With Urivet you can quickly and easily check if your pet has any kidney, liver, urogenital, or even blood-related conditions. Through the UriVet 10 mobile app, you can obtain the results of your pet’s urine test kit in real-time. After receiving a diagnosis, the app gives you a list of easy, detailed actions to take control of the situation and improve your best pet friend’s health.

Since Urivet allows you to diagnose a wide range of health issues that your pet might have, you can manage any condition from an earlier stage. This is more important than most pet owners can imagine, as most times, internal diseases aren’t caught in household pets until it’s much too late. And now, with the current Covid-19 climate, it's getting harder to make it to the vet’s office, so use Urivet to do a quick test without ever having to leave your home.

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