A Little Valentine’s Day Inspiration For Him and Her


The Valentine’s Day holiday works a little bit differently in Korea compared to other places around the world. Instead of being a day where men lavish their significant other with chocolates, flowers, and gifts, women are the ones who give out chocolate and other presents as a sign of affection. Men return the favor on White Day, but we'll be talking about that next month stay tuned!. 

Despite this peculiar tradition, the Korean Valentine’s trend has been slowly changing, and retailers have started offering Valentine’s gift options that both men and women could enjoy. Since Valentine’s Day has become all about mutually sharing the love, we’ve prepared a list of products that you, your partner, or both could enjoy.

Valentine's gift ideas for her:

Cerasilver Ceramic Necklace 

Show the one that you care for how special your love is with one of these handmade ceramic necklaces. Each one is uniquely hand-crafted using a combination of ceramic and silver, then painted with liquid gold for an aesthetically beautiful finish.

Beant - Sugar-Free Vegan Chocolate

While these chocolates are completely vegan and sugar-free, their flavor profile is extraordinary. There are 5 different flavors to choose from and every one of them incorporates natural ingredients like cocoa butter and bittersweet chocolate for optimum flavor. However, these vegan chocolates aren’t just about the flavor though, they also provide plant-based protein, spirulina extract for antioxidants, probiotics derived from kimchi, and maltitol for a hint of sweetness that doesn’t impact blood sugar or cause cavities. 

Valentine's gift ideas for him:

Minwhee - Art Jewelry Tie Pins and Cufflinks


These two classy accessories were featured and worn in the popular k-drama Powerful Woman BongSoon by actor Park Hyung-Sik. Each piece is custom-made and helps provide a cleaner look for men looking to suit up and dress for success. Gift these to a partner that appreciates a more refined style and wants to take their suit look to the next level.


For:Beaut - Men’s Hair Straightener

Perfect for anyone looking to straighten or tame short, unruly hair. The M’Styler uses a comb-like design that makes it easy to style yourself without having to worry about getting burned. Thanks to this design, you’ll be able to get the look you want even if you’ve never straightened your hair before.

Valentine's gift ideas for both:

Cold Brew Gift Set

If you’re a couple that loves the taste of coffee, then there’s no better way to share the love than with Cafe Dexter’s Cold Brew gift set. This cold brew coffee is made at a temperature of under 18 degrees to minimize any loss of flavor and aroma. Their soft, deep, rich flavor makes them great for making a multitude of coffee drinks and desserts you can share with your partner.

Get Cold Brew Set


There’s no better way to set the mood than placing one of these beautiful LED lights in your room. They serve as a wonderful piece of decor by day and provide a warm romantic ambiance by night. The best part is that they are completely battery-powered, making them portable and easy to set-up or take anywhere around the house. 

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