Get A Fast & Fun Start To Learning Korean


There are so many inspiring reasons to learn a new language. Think about it: improved job prospects, boosted creativity, and other cognitive advantages. And if you start learning Korean, you’ll be able to watch all your favorite Korean dramas or listen to your favorite Kpop songs without using boring old subtitles.  Now, the thought of learning a new language may be scary - but Darakwon is here to help, with their Fast & Fun Korean Books For Short-Term Learners.

With over 2,500 foreign language books under their belt, Darakwon not only meets but exceeds the ever-increasing demands for better, more exciting language learning content and tools. But, out of all their Korean language books, one series definitely stands out.  

The Fast & Fun Korean for Short-term learners books were specifically created to give you a quick jump-start into the Korean language. It makes learning Korean “fast and easy” by skipping all the boring words and phrases and going straight into the most essential vocabulary, grammar patterns, and dialogues—all methodically chosen to fit everyday real-life situations. And its focus on “short-term learners,” meaning people who want to learn a lot in a short timeframe, results in Korean language acquisition that’s a short-distance sprint instead of a marathon.