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[West Island] Swarovski Crystal Necklace


West Island London is a Korean twist on British luxury jewelry that can often be seen on some of Korea's top entertainers. This jewelry designer brings two unique and striking pieces that have been crafted with the highest quality materials. Adorn your neckline with these elegant necklaces that exuberate luxury, featuring a timeless clear-cut stone surrounded by dazzling Swarovski crystals.


Shaking Stone Lia Necklace

This eye-catching center crystal will shimmer and shine to the subtlest of movements (available in both gold and silver).


Elphindale Necklace 

The Elphindale Necklace features a bold and vibrant center Swarovski crystal that comes in three vibrant colors: Blue, Clear, and Red.

Make a glamorous statement at your next special occasion with these beautiful crystal necklaces.