Top Korea-Inspired Influencers (1 / 4)

Whether it's on Youtube, Instagram, Snapchat, and most recently, TikTok, influencers have quickly become a go-to source for a wide range of content. And their ability to engage and entertain audiences is not limited to trending teen hashtags or juicy celebrity gossip. Nowadays, you can find an influencer who can suit almost anyone's preferences. This is especially so for those seeking daily inspiration, useful advice, or merely following a personality to explore an appealing lifestyle.  

Must Have K-Items Digital Showcase X Creators

Regardless of what you are looking for, we wanted to kickstart the first of a four-part series introducing some intriguing international influencers inspiring audiences with their Korea-related themes, topics, and content. This is a unique Kmall24 collaboration project called, "Must-have K-items Digital Showcase," where we introduce top influencers who share their diverse backgrounds and style to give followers a unique aspect of their lives, and also share their thoughts on the brands and products they enjoy. Without further ado, say hello to:

01. Jina Kim

Jina Kim is a Korean-American fashion blogger and YouTuber who began her journey sharing her take on Korean style and culture back in 2012. Since then, her channel has grown and become a weekly variety of high energy and meme-packed vlogs, ranging from comedic-rants and listicles to exploring tense topics. Her videos cut across daily musings, lifehacks, and undertakings that are hard to click away from. These can range from Jina's take on tea-spilling gossip and drama, overcoming new challenges, and exploring new opportunities in her life. Some of her funniest content can be found in her "K-Ranking Show." This is a playlist with titles such as "What you should not wear in Korea" and "5 tips to know when working in a Korean Company" that are sure to make you chuckle. Jina's frank and straightforward opinions and way of speaking have garnered her a following that looks forward to her tips, advice, and selections. In fact, she frequently curates her own handpicked beauty items and endorses brands aligned with her sense of style.




As we mentioned earlier, Jina has become quite the beauty enthusiast. With the sheer volume of K-beauty products out there, it helps to have a specialist like her share her thoughts and opinions to make things easier. Jina especially likes to explore haircare and skin rejuvenation products, be sure to check out her picks and tips below.

02. Hi Prae

Hi Prae is a YouTuber from Thailand who skyrocketed past 400,000 subscribers in less than two years thanks to her perky and peppy infused K-culture vlogs. She came to Korea to attend Dongguk University, where she's pursuing a drama degree, which makes a lot of sense given her natural flair for the dramatics. Her unique fashion sense and beauty have also earned her many admirers and fans for her K-celebrity-like looks. Her channel unpacks all her adventures, reactions, and explorations as a Korean-speaking Thai native. One interesting fact about her that has garnered much interest is that she's the cousin of a famous K-pop crossover singer, BamBam. He is best known for being one of the first Thai members of a South Korean K-pop group, Got7. One of Prae's most popular YouTube videos is where she pranks her cousin at a red carpet event by disguising herself as an entertainment reporter and interviewing him. Her videos also capture her passion as a foodie, where she tries out all kinds of spicy, sweet, sour, and salty Korean foods and snacks.




Hi Prae's desire to find, try, and share all things yummy takes her followers on a journey of culinary delights that are range from the well-known to the undiscovered. Be sure to check out Hi Prae's selection of hot eats and tasty treats below.

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03. David Kenneth Levene Jr (The World of Dave데이브)

Dave is an American bilingual YouTuber who is fluent in Korean and English and has been entertaining both local Korean and overseas audiences for years through his humor injected videos. He's one of the first non-Korean YouTubers to also crossover over into television and gained popularity on the Korean music channel Mnet. He's known for his interviews, dialogues, and collaborations with KPOP idols, celebrities, and other well-known influencers that are filled with witty and wacky back and forth banter. Dave is a cultural bridge that uncrates several Korean and Western topics that range from lighthearted to complicated but does so in a good-natured way that creates understanding. Some of his most popular content features his Korean, Japanese, and Chinese friends sitting together and pronouncing various English loan words and global brand names in their native languages. It's very amusing and entertaining to watch and sure to make you laugh. He bounces back and forth between Korean and English in spoken languages and subtitles, which makes his content very inclusive. This naturally has made Dave an ideal brand ambassador to introduce unique Korean products and experiences to his audiences in a fun and informative way.




Dave is also an avid pet lover with quite the animal house as the proud owner of three cats and one dog. Check out Dave's reviews of great pet buys for those who are looking to satisfy their furry loved ones with both good nutrition and satisfaction.

04. Sissel Aare Boe

Sissel is a Danish online influencer and model based in Seoul and is frequently traveling across the world. Her YouTube channel and Instagram express and promote self-love, beauty, and fashion through her sweet and charming personality. She is very passionate about clean cosmetics and often does makeup reviews and tutorials while endorsing organic, vegan, and cruelty-free brands. Her minimalist and natural sense of style are also reflected in her lifestyle choices. Her Instagram feed's imagery collages her moments in nature, browsing boutique shops, and soaking in urban outlets amongst Seoul's cityscape backdrop. Some of her most-watched YouTube videos include topics like makeup for troubled skin and vlogs showing a day in the life of a Seoul fashion model. She is also an enthusiast of Korean culture and covers topics such as KPOP (She's a big BTS fan), food, and inspiring destinations throughout Korea.




Sissel is an ideal culture ambassador to bridge Korea's elegance and tradition with its modern and contemporary elements. Be sure to check out her selection of culture and entertainment pieces that blend artistic expression and practicality.

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