ShoeBlast | The Smart Shoe-care System

Do you ever feel embarrassed about the smell of your feet or worry about the inner condition of your shoes? Maybe you’ve noticed those new kicks you've just bought collected sweat or mold on the inside and are now causing a bad odor your whole house. No need to worry, there’s a product designed to alleviate those issues and make your shoes feel like new. Here are some reasons that ShoeBlast will revolutionize your shoe care.

01. Managing Shoes Effectively: 2XS Cleaner

Using double sterilization utilizing both fans and UV lights, ShoeBlast is designed to clean every spot inside your shoes. This helps eliminate any microbe hiding in hard-to-reach spots. The round multidirectional fan sends hot air circulating through the interior of the shoes while the UV Led lights kill any bacteria and fungus growing in the shoe. This method uses 40-60°C air to sterilize safely and keep your shoe clean. Multiple tests show that it is the optimal temperature for sterilizing and not causing harm to the inner fabric/material. 

02. Convenience: Easy to Use

After placing each sensor in your shoes, press the on button and the device will automatically analyze the humidity inside your shoes. Then it will show the amount of time needed to clean your shoes on the LCD to screen. Place your shoes in a safe place and check back when the timer is up. Simple as that! This lightweight device can fit into almost every shoe and is most effective when used with sneakers. 

03. Mobility: Use It Anytime, Anywhere

This device is small and handheld. You can take it on trips in your bag, place it in the glove compartment of your car, or keep it at work for a quick spruce up. ShoeBlast can be used wirelessly, so you can take it with you on outdoor activities such as hiking or golfing. If you ever need to recharge it, just plug it into any USB device.

Overall, this product will save your time and money. No need to wear down your shoes by washing them over and over again - just quickly clean them with ShoeBlast. What makes ShoeBlast different from competitors' products is the convenient diagnostic function using the LCD screen, drying/sterilization method, and wireless versatility. Check out the link below to keep your shoes fresh and clean!