The powder you never knew you needed

The powder you never knew you needed: Barley Sprout Powder! It is an up-and-coming superstar of health and is brought to you by Sandane, a HACCP-certified company. Created from organic young barley grown in Korea's special barley eco-friendly zone, this powder is incredibly diverse and packed full of vitamins, dietary fiber, and proteins. Two of the most valuable ingredients of barley sprouts are policosanol and saponarin. The former is well-known for helping break down bad cholesterol (LDL) and activates good cholesterol (HDL), while Saponarin helps improve liver function.

Add a spoonful to your juice or smoothie, or sprinkle on top of a salad to add some flavor and a whole lot of healthy goodness. After you open it, store your Barley Spout Powder Standing Pouch in a cool dark place to enjoy again and again.