LED Light Show / Bluetooth Speakers

The Partier Party Speakers are a must-have for lovers of mood music, or those planning a party that will be night to remember. These music syncing speakers create a beat-for-beat, eye-dazzling LED light show for your favorite music tracks. They can set the mood for a romantic date night, create a relaxing ambiance, or add some high energy to any dance or Karaoke party. The Partier Party visual effects are controlled by an AI music-syncing powered robotic arm. This turns any room into a visual beat-matching kaleidoscope of colors, unlike other speakers and light combos that just spin in the same-old direction.

These speakers will definitely stimulate the senses with their adjustable mood-enhancing USB lights. And you don't have to worry about any awkward motorized sounds while trying to enjoy your music. Thanks to their excellent design, these speakers are equipped with DPS noise-canceling technology and extra quiet BLDC motors. Give your home entertainment an AI music-syncing LED light upgrade by adding vibrant color to your life's soundtrack.