Shake it up with BTS

Let BTS be your inspiration with the newest PHILKO phone and AirPod cases. Combine the creativity of the K-pop sensation and PHILKO’s durable materials and the result is a recipe for absolutely must-have accessories. Each is designed with a key point so that you can choose the best that suits your needs.


1. Glitter Phone Case

Glitter Phone Case - This shining beauty comes with two options that reflect some of BTS’ greatest hits.

DNA Glitter Phone Case - Inspired by love song DNA, the heart-shapes and glitter gently rise and fall as you move. 

MIC Glitter Phone Case - 7 mics representing the 7 members of BTS glitter and shine as the case is moved.


2. Color TPU Phone Case

DNA Color TPU Phone Case - Made up of thin and soft TPU, a durable plastic, elastic, rubber mix, this case is strong and as cute as the DNA concept.


3. Door Bumper Phone Case

DNA Door Bumper Phone Case - Get where you need to go in comfort and DNA-style with this soft TPU and PC (poly carbonate)-based case. Store up to two cards and a mirror in the opening panel.


4. AirPods Case

With two options to choose from, these AirPods cases make AirPods look good.


Glitter AirPods Case - Inspired by DNA, the Forever Love AirPods case has a keyring and star-shaped glitter that dances as you move.

PC Material AirPods Case - Sturdy as the song that inspired it, this MIC DROP-themed AirPods case has good grip and even better style.