The Glow Up Tips of Meejmuse


Jeniffer Harn, previously known as Jeniffer Kim, is the Korean-Australian beauty guru and life content creator behind the YouTube channel meejmuse. Initially, she worked as an accountant and later as a school teacher in Australia. Her interest in making things beautiful while sharing what products worked for her led her to open her very own YouTube channel focusing on skincare, beauty, and fashion.

After her channel's growth, she branched out into creating videos that feature her travels, life musings, and even the occasional song cover. Jen has also made quite a few freelance appearances on TV, for channels TLC, Discovery World, and ArirangTV. Boasting over 470,000 subscribers, her skincare reviews, recommendations, makeup tutorials, and of course, her sincerely bubbly personality have taken her a long way.

Now she has created a line of makeup brushes catered to the more delicate Asian features and style of makeup. She is currently living in Seoul, South Korea, with her husband Will and her 3-month-old newborn baby boy, Leo.

Now we know just a little bit more about one of our favorite beauty gurus, Jeniffer Harn. Be sure to watch her latest skincare review for a unique vegan certified, and green tea formulated cosmetics that can restore moisture and reduce inflammation.

Where all my sensitive skin people at?

Having sensitive skin is a struggle in itself. Many products cause irritation and are much too strong for fragile skin. Without further ado, let us present you to the Ovalla Fucocentella Ovalla Collection. The company, Ovalla, strives to make products for sensitive skin with soothing effects and not cause irritation. The key ingredients are Fucoidan and Centella Asiatica, which make up the collection’s name- Fuccocentella. These ingredients offer redness-reducing components as well as age and acne-fighting capabilities. Check out the selection below:

Fucocentella Energizing Essenskin

This essence contains witch hazel, which is often used to treat pore size, acne, and inflammation. Essences are like toners, only more powerful. They are packed with good stuff on a cellular level, lightweight, and work on the front lines of the skin’s surface to penetrate any irritation or blemish. The Energizing Essenskin also has chamomile to calm the skin and is great for its antiseptic properties.

Fucocentella Multi Repair Serum

Following the essence is the Multi Repair Serum, which can help tackle skin brightening, signs of aging, and wrinkle care. Serums should follow essences and are typically thicker in consistency, penetrate deeper into the skin, and lock in moisture.

Fucocentella Revitalizing Intensive Cream

The third step in the Fucocentella Collection is the Revitalizing Intensive Cream. This moisturizer includes the ingredients from the serum for a double dose of anti-oxidants! As a bonus, a special collagen effect that helps stimulate collagen and initiates a quicker absorption rate is also packed into the Revitalizing Cream.

Using all three products together as a collection results in a brighter skin complexion with a clear and soothing feeling. Get your glow up on and try the skin calming effects of Ovalla’s Fucocentella Collection, your skin will thank you.