Megan Bowen's Pick | Organic Kombucha Straight from Korea


Megan is a wildly popular, funny and entertaining American Youtuber living in Korea. She’s best known for her vlogs that unpack her life’s adventures that explore a wide variety of topics and issues she is encountering with Korean culture. As a multicultural YouTuber fitting into Korea, Megan's perspective has gained a lot of fascination since foreigners only make up 3% of the Korean population. Her videos are a mashup of topics and hard to place in any single category. Her funny and upbeat commentary explores issues like handling communications with her Korean-in laws, gathering opinions from everyday Koreans, and even entering Korean fitness and bodybuilding competitions as a foreign contestant. She attracted many of her followers by staying ahead of K-beauty makeup and fashion trends and often shares her reviews of Korean shopping hauls, brands, and experiences. 

Check out some of her appropriately picked product choices, including a drink that helps her balance her mood and beauty.



Feel alive while sipping on I’M ALIVE KOMBUCHA. This lovely sparkling tea is the perfect pick-me-up beverage to quench your thirst. Its organic, premium green and black teas hail from lush Jeju Island, the home of many of Korea’s dependable organic products. Other carbonated beverages in your fridge will take a backseat to this healthy, vegan-friendly drink made of Korea-based ingredients with zero sodium, trans fat, cholesterol, fats, or saturated fats. It also has prebiotics, or dietary fiber, that feed probiotics, an important source for gut health.

With 4 flavors to choose from, this delicious drink made of fermented ingredients will satisfy whatever mood you’re in.

Try all four flavors!

  • Original
  • Pomegranate
  • Apple Berry
  • Ginger Lemon

Keep your gut healthy and your tongue happy with I’M ALIVE KOMBUCHA.