The cure for the common snack-attack

Feeling snacky? Don't reach for chips or candy. Instead, get your hands on a healthy, crunchy roll that cures your craving AND keeps you satisfied. We're talking about the Farmersmam Goheung Pomegranate Crispy Roll- that's a mouthful!

The crispy roll is roasted, never fried, and includes 21 grains cultivated all the way from the Goheung region in South Korea. It is 100% domestic grain and Non-GMO. Apart from the grains, these crispy finger foods are also a fruit snack made from pomegranate. This fruit has been known to keep skin healthy, boost the immune system, high in iron, and anti-inflammatory.

Also, there's no need to worry about calories with the Pomegranate Crispy Roll. It's not greasy, only uses the best ingredients, and has 0% trans-fat. The soft snack comes individually wrapped for on the go ease. At 56 kcals, it is the ideal treat to keep you going until your next meal.

Next time you have the munchies and want to get your snack on, reach for Farmersmam Goheung Pomegranate Crispy Roll.