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Farina Jo is a German YouTuber living in Korea who has been captivating audiences domestically and abroad with her eccentric style and beauty sense. Her videos provide a window into her personal work, social and romantic life with her Korean boyfriend. He is also a regular on her channel. Together they create an entertaining content duo that dives into a mashup between Korean and German culture through reaction videos, pranks, makeovers, and KPOP reviews. She describes her channel's purpose as "traveling the world and spreading happiness along the way!" 

Some of her most-watched videos are capturing the reaction of pranks on her boyfriend and sharing Korean dishes with her German friends and family. One, for example, is entitled "Germans Try Korean Chicken & Beer." Jina also works as a model in Korea, which lends her access to Korean fashion, makeup, and beauty experiences such as salons and dermatology clinics. This experience has given her a keen sense of picking and sharing unique buys recommendations with her audience. 

Great skin is only 3 steps away! Izeze's ANYONE SKINCARE gives you practical eco-friendly products to protect your skin that's free from harsh chemicals. The following three products, which are sold separately, are all rated EWG green. Meaning your precious skin will get the safe and delicate care it deserves every day through the power of mother nature. All three items contain cypress water to help treat atopy (allergic diseases) and provide excellent moisturization to treat wrinkles. Also, vitamin B5 has been infused to all three products to help soothe and protect stressed skin.

Let's take a look at this lineup, aiming to make your skin radiant and beautiful.



This two-effect toner is excellent for moisturizing skin and killing bacteria while allowing a calming effect. Simply apply using any cotton wipes, or apply as daily portable toner pack or mist.


Provides a tight, moist mask on your skin and works best if used before going to bed at night to hep tomorrow's makeup look better. It's not sticky and gets absorbed quickly and can be used during any season of the year.


The cream has cooling effects that can lower body temperature and make your skin look smoother and elastic thanks to cypress water and adenosine. Naturally present throughout the body, adenosine can be used to help the skin produce more collagen and energize the skin's surface to look smoother and younger.

Products sold separately.

ANYONE truly is for anyone looking to start a healthy and effective skincare regiment today.


Are you looking for a lovely hand cream with a touch of the Korean culture? EL Hand Cream has collaborated with Korean Ink-Wash-Painting artists to celebrate National Korean Language Day. There are three types of hand creams with different scents, themed after traditional Korean songs and poems. They are packaged in decorative cases and covers, which makes every hand cream a work of art by itself.

With over 30 types of natural ingredients, each hand cream offers long-lasting moisture and can be used for sensitive skin types. They are remarkable creams to experience with the touch and charm of Korean culture.

1. Hwangjin’s Hand Cream
- The romance of a lost love

This cream carries a rich cherry scent that represents the beauty and femininity of Hwangjin. She is a famous female figure in a Korean folktale who would sing in the middle of the night about how she misses her long-lost love.

2. Arirang Hand Cream
- The elegance of Korea

Arirang Hand Cream has a luxurious peach scent that exudes elegance. It's named after Korea's most traditional folk song, where different regions sing their own unique version.

3. Chungshan Byeolgok
- The refreshing scent of Korea

This hand cream has a light, refreshing scent of bamboo, reminding you to spend time away from your busy lives and enjoy nature once in a while. 'Chungshan' means green mountain in the Korean, and 'Byeolgok' is a Korean folk song about basking in nature.