Lose Yourself With Dreamcatcher, A Girl Group With A Metal Twist


Are you looking for a K-pop girl group with a metal-inspired twist? Then get ready to completely lose yourself in Dreamcatcher's latest new album. This seven-member girl group entered the K-pop scene with a bang in 2017 after they released their first single album, “Nightmare.” Now, they have gone on to release their 5th Mini Album, "Dystopia: Lose Myself."


Dreamcatcher, known for their signature rock sound, are expanding their stylistic range by showcasing songs with a modern-pop, ballad, and EDM twist. And of course, they still managed to bring that original metal-inspired sound that we all know and love. Pre-order a limited edition copy of their newest album and get some great songs and limited-edition swag.

The limited-edition includes:


  • CD
  • Booklet (150 x 215 mm 64p)
  • 2 Random photocards (54 x 86 mm)
  • 4 Random stickers (54 x 86 mm)
  • 6 Random photo stands (98 x 130 mm)
  • Pre-order poster (740 x 520 mm)





  1. Intro
  2. BOCA
  3. Break the wall
  4. Can’t get you out of my mind
  5. Dear
  6. BOCA (Inst.)