Add Cleopatra's Beauty Secrets To Your Skincare

Cleopatra, the famed Queen of Egypt, was renowned for her beauty and flawless, silky smooth skin. Her secret? Luxurious goat milk baths. Did you say goat milk? Yes, we sure did. This ancient beauty secret has even found its way into today's leading cosmetics, such as this DIAPIA Skin Set. We handpicked these three items from their lineup in particular for their ability to use unique, traditional, and natural ingredients to intensify hydration, brighten skin, and improve its elasticity.

Collagen Goat Milk Ampoule Mask

This high-grade microfiber sheet mask is as smooth as silk and infused with goat milk extract & collagen. The reason why goat milk is an essential ingredient is that it has the same pH as human skin (about 5.5), so the skin's initial response is to absorb it rather than to refuse it, allowing for active ingredients to be thoroughly distributed. The mask is soaked in 33 grams of ampoule essence, allowing additional lathering on the neck and body for any leftover solution.

Hydro Purifying Toner

This fantastic triple moisture effect toner contains a K-beauty staple ingredient, Centella Asiatica extract (tiger grass), a medicinal herb that grows primarily in Asia. It's a potent antioxidant with skin-soothing properties that are a rich source of amino acids, which help hydrate the skin and strengthen its moisture barrier for improved elasticity and firmness. Its other key ingredient is a propolis extract, a compound produced by bees that's a powerful tool to fight off acne not only due to its antibacterial nature but also for its anti-inflammatory properties.

HA Aqua Shining Mask

This hyaluronic acid-infused mask is kept intact with lyocell. This cellulose fiber serves as the perfect material to deliver a solution packed with deep moisture ready to brighten and tone up the skin. It contains a powerful combination of mild plant ingredients such as green tea extracts and niacinamide to reduce inflammation, lighten and soothe skin, and increase its resilience to leave you with a soft and silky complexion.