Green Tea Has Been Around For Ages, But What’s With The Bitter Taste?

Despite having many benefits, green tea gets some criticism for its taste. But DELTOP has solved the problem with its new refreshing tea flavors AND included all the fantastic health benefits, too. From the Jeollabukdo green tea fields, these revitalizing teas are enjoyable to drink and offer more than your average brew. There are three excellent drinks in their lineup with one milk-based one if you're looking for something else refreshing.

The Lemon Green tea is packed with Vitamin C to help with fatigue and recovery after working out, making it an excellent sports drink! Another green tea infusion to try is their peach tea loaded with collagen to keep your skin youthful and bouncy. Both tea drinks also have fiber to help maintain a healthy body weight.

If you're looking for another great beverage, then check out their Melon Milk drink. It's a light, low-fat drink with added taurine for quick fatigue recovery and helps with exhaustion. This canned beverage is the perfect drink to supplement vitamins, nutrition, and calories after a workout or a light snack. The next time you need a refreshing drink or need to recover after a workout, try DELTOP's teas for a boost of energy and delicious flavor- no bitter teas here.