Want gorgeous, glowy, glassy skin? We’ve Got You Covered

Everyone wants dewy, clear skin but actually achieving it is the real battle. Bolca brings you its Biotechnie Intensive Spot Serum to help you fulfill your beauty dreams. The Spot Serum is loaded with anti-wrinkle peptides to help prevent fine lines. After cleansing the face and toning, apply the serum in wrinkle problem areas and gently pat with fingertips. Such areas include under the eye and laugh line regions. The serum is encased in an easy to use device – remove the cap and twist to the left to get the product out. The silky gel is recommended for all skin types and consistent use for the best results.

With Bolca Intensive Spot Serum, you are on your way to smooth skin. Try the serum for a luminous and radiant glow!