Natural, Healthy and Eco Friendly

Are you looking for eco-friendly bath & body options? Then Assez's Phyton Herbal Hair and Body Shampoo is just the product for you. Assez is one of Korea's first brands to earn an EcoCert from COSMOS, making it a certified organic and natural cosmetics product. Due to its eco-friendly nature, the shampoo contains less chemical ingredients, making it a healthier choice for your skin and mother nature!

Best of all, it's a two-in-one shampoo and body wash combo that will clean and refresh from head to toe. It's also great for kids and sensitive skin types making it an excellent must-have for shared and family bathrooms.

Other than its natural ingredients, what sets Assez apart from other brands is their biodegradable packaging! While many other companies on the market use PET bottles, Assez's bottled is made of corn-based material, making it biodegradable. You'll have the peace of mind knowing you're supporting an eco-friendly brand the next time you shower.

Get a bottle today and experience the amazing effects of Phyton Herbal Hair and Body Shampoo.