Your Pet and Vet will Love you for It

Your vet and pets will be thanking you for this tasty, low-fat, and nutritious treat made for both dogs and cats. Naturally freeze-dried in the open-air mountains of Gangwon Korea, this delicious Alaskan fish is an abundant source of protein, amino acids, and collagen to nourish your pet's hair, skin, muscle development, and tissue repair. It can quickly be served as a standalone snack or an excellent fish topper for dry or wet food.

With three varieties to choose from (strip cuts, cube cuts, and chunky cuts), there's always something to suit your pet's unique taste and chewing preferences. Dogs and cats love fish, and nibbling on these snacks will help keep teeth and gums in good condition and provide a healthy supplement to your pet's daily diet.

Why not reward your pet with a snack packed with taste and nutrition today?