2020 Korea Sale Festa: Korea’s Largest Shopping Festival


One of South Korea’s largest annual shopping events, the Korea Sale Festa (KSF), kicked off on Sunday, November 1st, and will be ongoing until November 15th, 2020. This year’s 2020 Korea Sale Festa offers foreigners both in Korea and outside Korea the chance to purchase K-beauty, K-fashion, and other products that are popular among the international community. A wide variety of products can be purchased both in online shopping malls and in physical stores at affordable prices. Dubbed as the “Korean Black Friday,” the Korea Sale Festa is an annual event, but its significance is greater this year as it serves as an avenue to help boost the local economy from the COVID-19 shock. It includes participation from over 1,600 Korean distribution, manufacturing, and service companies.

2020 Korea Sale Festa Events, Coupons, and Discounts

The festival highlights a variety of discounts and promotions on events, goods and services available through online shopping malls, duty-free shops, department stores, convenience stores, supermarkets, and traditional markets. Foreigners in Korea can receive additional special benefits such as welcome gifts, additional coupons, and discounts only when using the Korea Tour Card which is an all-in-one card that combines transportation with shopping and tourism and can be purchased online at the Korea Tour Card homepage or at major convenience stores, airports, and banks. You can also use the Smart Help Desk to get useful information and services for a convenient trip in Korea.

Participants can get the chance to enter the KSF high-five event, a campaign that encourages the purchase of goods during KSF to help boost the local community, and also the KSF Happy Lottery event where participants can get a happy lottery ticket when they shop at any local supermarket. The winner stands the chance of getting prizes worth a total of 100 million won!

There are other fun and exciting events as well, such as the “Convenience Store Event” where participants can get vouchers good for any of the 5 major convenience store chains - C-Space, CU, GS25, Mini Stop, and 7-Eleven - by answering convenience store-related quiz questions. Shoppers can also enter the “Thumbs Up Challenge” to show off their shopping expertise through the thumbs-up photo/video relay challenge.


How To Participate in the Thumbs Up Challenge

The Thumbs Up Challenge, which started on the 16th of October and ends on the 15th of November 2020, allows participants to upload a photo or video to their social media accounts to get a chance to win vouchers, gift certificates, and more that will be given away to a massive 1,115 lucky winners.

  1. Participants can enter the Thumbs up photo challenge by following these simple steps:
    Take a thumbs-up photo in front of the product you wish to purchase, such as an online image of the product on your shopping screen. Or, take the thumbs-up photo with an item you have already purchased during the event period.
  2. Post photos on your social media platforms with the required hashtags, which include #thumbsupchallenge, #happinessofbuyingandselling, and #KSFthumbsup.
  3. Finally, tag your friends to join the challenge.

Participants can also enter the Thumbs up video challenge by following these steps:

  1. State introductory comments about the Thumbs up challenge in your video
  2. Shout “Let’s begin good consumption relay” in a fighting pose with a light fist in one hand
  3. Shout “Both sellers” with your right thumb up, then do the same with your left thumb simultaneously shouting “and buyers” and put them forward together and say, “Thumbs up!”
  4. Stand still or put your hands together naturally and end with the slogan, “Keep going, Korea!”
  5. Post video on your social media platforms with the required hashtags, #thumbsupchallenge, #happinessofbuyingandselling, and #KSFthumbsup


There is a bonus event available as well which you can enter by following the Korea Sale Festa Instagram page, liking a photo, leaving a comment under it, and tagging your friends to receive additional prizes. Don’t miss out on buying amazing products and participating in any of the events for a wholesome Korean shopping week experience.

Korea Sale Festa