[SALTHERAPY] Tooth Tab Chewable Toothpaste (60ea)


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Anywhere, anytime.

This is a solid toothpaste made with bamboo salt.
We have four flavors, Mint, Lemon, Grape Fruit and Charcoal.

Brand: salTherapy
Volume / Qty : 60ea
Place of Origin: South Korea
Expiration date: 2years from date of manufacture
Main Ingredients: silicon dioxide, sodium fluoride, sodium pyrophoshate,pyridoxine etc
How To Use
1. Take out one piece of ToothTab and put it in your mouth.
2. Chew it properly until it bubbles and brush your tooth with a toothbrush.
( If teeth brushing is trouble to you, you can skip the brushing step. It's okay to make your teeth clean, just by chewing ToothTab and rinsing with water.)
3. Rinse your mouth with water and spit it out.

We do not have any harmful ingredients like Paraben or SLS!

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