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Brand Story
A place where the land meets the sea.
There, from the foam of the waves, a girl named Ann was born.

The land and the sea carefully looked after the delicate girl, raising
her into a beautiful woman.

The girl became more and more beautiful under the tender love of
The land and sea.

The land gave her a delightful floral fragrance and the sea gave her
skin as smooth and white as pearls.

The place where beauty grows in the harmony of the land and sea.
It's called 'TREEANNSEA'.

Product Philosophy
The eco-friendly beauty brand Minimization of product packaging is eco-friendly companies take the lead in environmental protection.

Natural parent Treeannsea contain naturally occurring component is more than 80%, to exert the effect, the effect of the product in differentiated raw material based on plant raw materials.

Social Responsibility Participate in fair trade recommended by the reasonable consumption by supplying the product minus the price bubble for consumers around the world, and corporate profits are oriented corporate culture, writing force in the third country and the society.

Coexistence of mankind Respect for nature, animals and human co-existence and not oriented animal experiments for human beauty.

No use principles Synthetic fragrance, to synthetic preservatives (phenoxyethanol, parabens series) no addition of synthetic dyes, synthetic surfactants (SLS/SLES), synthetic emulsifiers (PEG).


Pine torte group Co., Ltd
Seoul National University Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology
145 Gwanggyo-ro, Yeongtong–gu, Suwon-si, Gyeonggi-do REPUBLIC OF KOREA
Tel (1) +82-31-1661-3263 (2) + 82+10-3204-2332 / Fax +82-2-6969-9969 / mail

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