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DAESUNG TRADE is a small trading company , a small trading company that sells Korean products to all over the world through e-commerce (Alibaba & The items handling are Korean red ginseng products , which are health functional foods ,  and are a small business person company that effort  for the health care of people all over the world  people ! 


● Characteristic : Strict quality selected 6-year rooted Korean red ginseng is extracted and concentrated to intake of consumers and make it easier to intake it. It is health supplement which is produced through strict quality management .

● Raw material name and content 

6-Year old rooted Ginseng (Red Ginseng Root : more than 70mg/g , solid power : over 60%) 100% Korean material .

Mixture ratio of Korean Red Ginseng : Red Ginseng root 70% ,  Red Ginseng fine roots 30% .  

● Efficacy of Red Ginseng

Vigor recovery , Fatigue recovery . Boost immunity , Blood circulation improve . Improve memory   !

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