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Chairs for office and study use in the market can be categorized into two large types: a dual back type (one in which the back is split into two parts) and a single back type. Our company has developed, patented (for utility model, PCT, design and trademark) and released a cushion that is applicable to both back types of chairs. Before we explain the function and structure of our very original cushion, let us explain the current status of existing chairs in the market. Chairs are commonly manufactured according to the size of adults. Some children's chairs are miniature versions of adult chairs, but over 90 percent of chairs in households and offices are manufactured and distributed with adults as primary targets. Many small-built women and children are, naturally, putting up with inconveniently large existing chairs due to their highly limited choices. In order to make up for this limitation, we decided to introduce Lean& (a dual lumbar cushion). Lean&Relax helps not only the waist but also dually supports the entire back area, alleviating much of the inconvenience in many daily activities standing up or sitting down, including on chairs, couches, and in cars. Just attaching this cushion onto the back of regular chairs and leaning against it relaxes the waist and gives a posture-correction effect. It is made of compression-mold foam which is superb in form restoration and elasticity, and is constructed with dual, lumbar, and adhesion belt. The adhesion belt is a product of our very original idea. Existing cushions either come with no adhesion system or a single strap (a belt or Velcro). Our product allows each detachable dual lumbar sponge to connect both integrally and independently. We have strong confidence in the marketability of our Lean&Relax cushion, which is applicable to not only the chair and sofa market but also the car seat market, and offers many secondary usages such as a sitting mat, pillow and punching bag other than its primary function. Our company members are all very excited for this product, as it was a company-level project with much effort put in. We hereby propose our only and inimitable, Lean&Relax cushion. Thank you for your time.

Made in : South Korea
Material : Mesh or Leather, Polyurethane Foam
Weight : 0.6kg

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