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It is a soothing gel that helps soothe and hydrates skin effectively by fermenting  the prickly pear fruit grown in the pristine Jeju island with lactic acid bacteria.

How to Use
Gently massage a soothing gel onto dry skin after  showering or washing your face.
Apply to dry or irritated body skin after prolonged  sun exposure or shaving for hydrating and soothing effect.

- Volume / Qty :200ml
- How to use : Gently massage a soothing gel onto dry skin after  showering or washing your face.
- Made in Korea
- Main ingredients : Opuntia Coccinellifera Fruit Extract, Vitis Vinifera (Grape) Root Extract, Laminaria Japonica Extract,  Hibiscus Esculentus Fruit Extract, Dioscorea Japonica Root Extract
- Qty / Product Composition : 1
- Expiration date : Stated on product / 30 months after manufacturing date.

Prickly Pear Ferment
Soothing Gel

Hand-made soothing gel
made with fermented ingredient.

Skin Soothing Solution with Fermented Prickly Pear ◇ Natural Monument & Jeju Island monument Prickly pear cactus fruits that designated as Jeju Monument No.35 are grown in the clean Jeju area (Cactus Colony). ◇ Contains More than 92% of Fermented prickly pear instead of purified water Fermented prickly pear is prescribed instead of purified water to increase nutrition of prickly pear. ◇ 100% handmade product Prickly pear ferment soothing gel is handmade product. That made with ingredient fermented at Ramosu laboratory. - Product manufactured within 7days. ◇ Instantly Relieve and Soothe Irritation All skin irritation from ultraviolet rays exposure and external stimuli is immediately relieved, and damaged skin is recovered. ◇ Goodbye Acne! It prevents acne and clear it up. ◇ Quickly Hydrate, and Replenish Dry Skin. It keeps skin hydrated all day long by replenishing and grabbing a skin's moisture. ◇ Mild Soothing Care for Sensitive Skin Dermatologist skin irritation test completed, No contains silicone oil and artificial colors. ◇ Absord Fast & No sticky Residue on Skin Pudding-like gel texture absorbs quickly and leaves no sticky residue.
Works well with a Lactobacillus Fermentation Process Ramosu Prickly Pear Ferment Soothing Gel is manufactured using lactobacillus fermentation process which maintains Cactus’s original nutrient without destroying it, which lead to enhanced absorption and increased nutrition of active ingredients. Soothes Irritated Skin! The mucin and flavonoids contained in fermented water of prickly pear soothes and relieves irritated skin caused by waxing, UV rays exposure and external harmful substances. Prickly Pear Ferment Soothing Gel Cooling-Care! Experiments on the Comparison : Time to take the Temperature of Irritated Skin Exposed to UV rays to Return to Normal ※ Depending on skin condition and environment, the results may vary. When nothing is applied to the irritated skin by UV exposure, it took 7 minutes and 41 seconds to return to normal, but after applying the prickly pear ferment soothing gel, the skin temperature got back to normal in just 12 seconds. Excellent Moisture Retention Capacity of Prickly Pear Cactus The secret of prickly pear to survive in the hot, dry desert is Excellent moisture retention capacity. Prickly pear, a key ingredient in prickly pear ferment soothing gel, is fruit from cactus and are made up of more than 85% of the water. Even in harsh, dry environments, it keeps the skin moisturized for a long time by providing continuous moisture. ※ Depending on skin condition and environment, the results may vary. The assessment of hydration performed by prickly pear ferment soothing gel showed that there was a clear, significant improvement in hydration, which reached a very high level after the application of the soothing gel. Get Rid of Acne All Over Your Body! This multi soothing gel helps reduce body acne and clear it up. It also good for sensitive skin. Pudding Feeling with rich in moisture. Pudding-like gel with moisture spreads lightly and easily on skin. Completely absorbed into the skin without sticky residue, providing a feeling of freshness. After applying and absorbing Ramosu soothing gel and Ramosu prickly pear ferment soothing gel, oil control paper drops onto hand to check a stickiness. Ramosu prickly pear ferment soothing gel is completely absorbed into the skin without sticky residue, providing a feeling of freshness. No Alcohol, Silicone oil, Artificial Colors Assessment of human skin compatibility Tip to Soothe Quickly! Soak cotton pad with soothing gel and place in refrigerator. Place cooled cotton pad on the hot and reddened the skin from sun exposure to soothe and cool down the heated skin temperature. Apply as Wash-Off Face Mask! Wash-off face mask after mixing powder such as grain powder or green tea powder that is good for skin with soothing gel to keep your skin moisturized and calm. How to Use Gently massage a soothing gel onto dry skin after showering or washing your face. Apply to dry or irritated body skin after prolonged sun exposure or shaving for hydrating and soothing effect. Immediately soothe dry, itchy skin caused by dryness.

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