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1. Patented special vitamin coated sheet
It is a new concept mask sheet specially coated with pure vitamin C which is vulnerable to UV rays and water. It is a new concept pure vitamin C mask sheet helping to provide vitamin C without damage to the skin.
2. Vitamin bomb in about 700,000 ppm Please feel a pure vitamin C bomb on a sheet of VC Lab
Pure C Brightening Mask.
3. Best synergistic effects with concentrated activator
Best synergistic effects of concentrated activator containing high contents of water and nutrition with pure C mask make your skin texture clearer and more transparent

Qty : 1pack (5pcs)
Volume : 12g x 5ea (included tray)
Expiration date : The date is printed in YYMMDD format on the item.
Made in KOREA
Main ingredients : Ascorbic Acid, Water, Betaine, Hyaluronate

1. Secret of a special vitamin coated sheet

With excellent antioxidant and effective melanin inhibition effects, it transforms dull and uneven skin texture into bright and transparent one.

Vitamin C facilitates collagen synthesis and helps to keep firm skin texture, but it is easily oxidized and destroyed because it is vulnerable to UV rays and water.

VC: LAB PURE C BRIGHTENING MASK minimizes the damages of ingredients and provides fresher nutrition as the pure vitamin C is specially dried and coated.



2. Pure vitamin C in about 700,000 ppm

As a VC:LAB PURE C BRIGHTENING MASK sheet is coated with pure vitamin C in about 700,000 ppm, it provides the skin with high contents of nutrition and water as well as vitality of vitamin.


3. Synergistic effects with concentrated activator

 A concentrated activator contains high contents of nutrients such as ‘extracts of Hippophae Rhamnoides fruits' called vitamin tree fruits which contain about 200 times as much vitamin C as orange, amino acids and peptides.  Thus, it enhances the effects of the pure C brightening mask and provides explosive synergy. 





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